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Online Coaching

I offer personalised online coaching to anyone around the world at any level that would love to get STRONGER, FITTER and HEALTHIER whether you would like to take on a challenge and compete or just have abit of fun and enjoy the experience in Powerlifting, Strongman/Strongwoman or just general day to day training. I can help you with your journey.

I have 20 years training experience with over 12 years of competing myself and 10 years of coaching experience to bring to you!


What can you expect from being coached by Graham

Weekly program sent to you in .pdf format

A program tailored to your needs and goals

Balancing training with work and family commitments

Send videos for constant technical checkups

Longevity in training - a program that will allow you to lift safely while progressing and enjoying a long lifting career, not chasing the quickest way to make a PB with bad form.

Nutrition assistance - a guided structured routine based on what I have learned from different nutritionists

A coach that actually cares about your progress and enjoyment with programming that works for you and allows you to enjoy training



Coaching with Graham is currently £150 per month.  There is NO CONTRACT and no minimum term, however it is preferred that you look to training for an extended period - real results come from consistent effort over time, short term gains are uncommon and unsustainable.

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